Dissemination workshop on Cleaner Production and Design for Sustainability



workshop joint programmeOn 23 January 2013 UNIDO, in collaboration with Viet Nam Cleaner Production Center, organized a Dissemination Workshop on Cleaner Production and Design for Sustainability in the Vietnamese crafts’ sectors. The workshop was part of the joint programme on green production and trade to increase income and employment opportunities for the rural poor. It develops better integrated, pro-poor green value chains and combines the comparative expertise of five UN agencies. The workshop highlighted the programme's technology and equipment support for companies and producers' groups towards higher productivity and introduction of cleaner production practices.


Cleaner production and sustainable product design
The workshop disseminated the assessments in five value chains including: sericulture, bamboo/rattan, lacquer-ware, sea-grass and handmade paper, highlighting the specific results of pilot improvement models on cleaner production and sustainable product design at 8 selected companies and 5 grass-root producers groups.

Innovative environmentally sound techniques
The workshop also shared findings on innovative environmentally sound techniques for natural silk dyeing, non-chemical treatment of bamboo against insect attack and mould, and advanced lacquer refining as trialed under the programme.
The programme benefits enterprises and community groups in terms of access to better craft techniques, skills training and sustainable product. Green crafts production is a combination of good practices in craftsmanship, product design and raw materials. Whilst craftsmanship and design offer potential for greater value addition, special attention is needed to avoid value destruction through poor sustainability and quality control of raw materials sourcing and processing.

Scale up
In this regard, it is particularly encouraging that the project succeeded to demonstrate simple techniques to improve silk dying, bamboo treatment and lacquer processing through collaboration of Vietnamese experts with international experts from China, India, Japan and Austria. The challenge remains to scale up and mainstream the demonstrated practices and techniques on a larger scale throughout the crafts’ sectors in Viet Nam.

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Dissemination workshop on Cleaner Production and Design for Sustainability