UNFPA’s TV spot “Breaking the silence to end violence against women and girls”


UntitledAccording to the National Survey on Domestic Violence in 2010, more than a third of ever-married women have been beaten by their husbands at some point in their lives. 58% said that they had experienced at least one form of physical, sexual and emotional violence from someone close at some point in their lives. But 87% of victims did not seek help due to the lack of available services. Many were also too afraid to speak up due to the fear of stigma and discrimination. Gender-based violence is fostered by gender stereotypes, and reinforced by dominant male attitudes, unequal power structures and unequal relations between women and men, both as individuals and as groups.

Yet, many people see gender-based violence as ‘just a woman’s issue’, but it is a man's issue! So with men responsible for most of the violence against women and girls, men are vital to the solution. A recent UN research conducted with men and boys suggested that it is possible to tackle discriminatory attitudes and practices against women that lead to gender based violence and gender-biased sex selection.

This is a new TV spot produced by UNFPA in March 2015 to convey a powerful message of breaking the silence to end violence against women and girls in Viet Nam