Viet Nam City Profiles

Viet Nam City Profiles
Name:Viet Nam City Profiles

"Viet Nam City Profiles" is a publication which has just been released by UN-Habitat Viet Nam. The book provides a comprehensive nationwide overview of urban development in 78 cities and towns. It includes statistics updated in 2011 on land, population, economy, culture, education, health care, infrastructure and environment. "Viet Nam City Profiles" will be the basis for stakeholders to promote dialogues and discussions on opportunities, challenges and solutions for a green and sustainable urban development with available resources of the cities." The book, which is set to also be translated into English, is an output from the "Viet Nam Urban Observatory System" project implemented by UN-Habitat and the Association of Cities of Viet Nam since 2009.

Note: Please note that this publication is only available in Vietnamese

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