Delivering as One Annual Results Report 2014

Delivering as One Annual Results Report 2014
Name:Delivering as One Annual Results Report 2014

With months remaining to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Viet Nam has already achieved or exceeded most of the agreed targets, including those on poverty reduction and primary education. However, as in many other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the MDG agenda remains unfinished at the sub-national level, while some targets at the national level have still not been reached. Vulnerabilities remain widespread due to chronic deprivation prevalent amongst ethnic minorities and in certain geographic localities. Large parts of the population continue to be engaged in the informal sector and live just above the poverty line, which makes them especially vulnerable to economic or other shocks. At the same time, disasters and extreme climate events risk derailing hard-won development gains.

In order to best help Viet Nam respond to the particular challenges faced by a middleincome country (MIC), the UN continues to transform the nature of its support. Critical areas of UN assistance include upstream policy dialogue and advice to foster more inclusive and green growth, ensure access to quality essential services for all citizens, improve public sector performance and accountability, and expand citizen participation for better governance.

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