Trafficking in Boys in Viet Nam

Trafficking in Boys in Viet Nam
Name:Trafficking in Boys in Viet Nam

Previous studies, anecdotal evidence and media reports indicate that boys are trafficked in or from Viet Nam for sex, adoption and forced labour, but very little research has focused specifically on trafficking of boys.The goal of this research is to contribute to the broader objective of ensuring that the particular situation and vulnerabilities of boy victims of human trafficking are adequately addressed in Viet Nam's legal and policy response to the issue. The research objectives are to assess awareness of local authorities and community on and practices to address trafficking in boys, identify forms of trafficking in boys, factors that contribute to vulnerability to trafficking (especially gender conceptions) and types of trafficking in boys and document victims' experience of trafficking, return, rehabilitation and reintegration.

This report documents exploratory research on trafficking in boys in Viet Nam and is an activity under the General Statistics Office (GSO) component, implemented by International Organization for Migration (IOM) under the three-year Joint Programme on Gender Equality.

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