The women's access to land in contemporary Viet Nam

The women's access to land in contemporary Viet Nam
Name:The women's access to land in contemporary Viet Nam

The issue of women’s access to land is often framed in the context of oppression, emancipation, or Vietnamese uniqueness. This study report examines contemporary women’s access to land across ten provinces outside of these traditional narratives. Ten selected research sites reflected a diveristy of rural-urban locations, lineage patterns, and ethnic diversity. In addition to the survey data, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions, the Research Team analyzed available court cases involving inheritance and succession issues in the Vietnamese courts, from the district through Supreme Court levels.

In order for any outreach program to function well, the Research Team suggested that any initiative undertaken to improve women’s land rights should seek to 1) improve the content and communication strategies of outreach programs; 2) encourage and support women in registering their land rights and to use land transfer documents; and 3) raise the standard of basic legal services in communities throughout Vietnam. Initiating an outreach pilot program that is governed by the principles of inclusiveness, diversity, and clarity is also recommended.

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