Energy and Resource Efficiency in the Vietnamese Steel Industry

Energy and Resource Efficiency in the Vietnamese Steel Industry
Name:Energy and Resource Efficiency in the Vietnamese Steel Industry

This report summarizes the results of a study on energy and resource efficiency in the Electric Arc
Furnace (EAF) section of the Vietnamese steel industry, which was initiated by UNIDO with the support of the Vietnamese Steel Association. The mission was conducted in two Stages with one international and one national consultant. The first Stage included visits to six steel plants in early December 2010. The six plants, all based on EAF steelmaking, were chosen to provide a good cross-section of the industry with respect to geography, state and private ownership, age of facilities, scale of production and the level of technology. Preliminary findings were presented to a UNIDO-VSA Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City (10 December). In the second Stage, the analysis was extended to include the remaining EAF plants based on visits to twelve plants during April and May 2011.

Data on the main inputs and outputs of steelmaking, casting and rolling were collected in a systematic way to calculate the energy used in production and to analyse factors such as technology, productivity, process stability, resource efficiency and scrap quality. The analysis included a broader Life Cycle view of energy efficiency as well as calculations of greenhouse gas emissions. Insights were able to be drawn by comparing performance between the Vietnamese plants and also by reference to global good practice standards.

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