Sex ratio at birth

Sex ratio at birth
Name:Sex ratio at birth

This booklet summarizes the major results of the 2006 “Population Change Survey” in Viet Nam and is the third in an annual series. It is based on a longer report prepared between October and November 2006 by an independent consultant, Dr. Gigi Santow. Plus other information now made available by the General Statistics Office (GSO). Dr. Santow is a demographer with considerable international experience including twenty year’s expertise in analyzing data on the Vietnamese population.

This booklet is intended to inform non-specialist readers about major recent demographic fi ndings. Like earlier publications, it is dedicated to those readers, the intention being that unless census and survey results are disseminated to people who formulate policy, who implement policy, who assess the effects of policy and who report on population matters to the general public, such data collection and analysis will be severely limited in its impact.

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