Factsheet on Combating Human Trafficking

Factsheet on Combating Human Trafficking
Name:Factsheet on Combating Human Trafficking

This factsheet, prepared by the UN Technical Working Group on Human Trafficking, summarizes current efforts by the Government of Viet Nam, the UN in Viet Nam and other organizations to combat this challenge in Viet Nam and the region.

The Issue

Human trafficking is a serious violation of human rights. It involves the movement of men, women and/or children by means of deception, coercion or threat for the purposes of exploitation. Vietnamese people vulnerable to trafficking include those that move for work both within and outside of the country. These migrants find jobs as domestic workers, or in the construction, agriculture, fishing and manufacturing sectors, and in the sex industry. Trafficking is known to occur mainly for the purposes of labour and sexual exploitation, but there are also cases of trafficking for marriage and child adoption.

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