Viet Nam’s infrastructure constraints

Viet Nam’s infrastructure constraints
Name:Viet Nam’s infrastructure constraints

Nguyen Xuan Thanh

During the past decade total infrastructure investment in Viet Nam has, on average, accounted for more than ten percent of GDP, putting it ahead of most East Asian economies, which are renowned for their high level of infrastructure investment. This remarkably high level of investment has resulted in a rapid expansion of infrastructure stocks and improved access, contributing to Viet Nam’s growth and development success. Despite these achievements, Viet Nam’s infrastructure constraints are still not being addressed effectively. In fact, infrastructure bottlenecks, rather than uncertain and complicated government policies, are now regarded as the biggest problem hindering Viet Nam’s business environment, according to many international surveys. Adding to this, Viet Nam faces the challenge of climate-proofing its infrastructure against natural disasters and green house gas emissions. Overcoming these various infrastructure constraints is of critical importance if Viet Nam is to continue growing at similar rates to those achieved during the past two decades, and to do so in a sustainable way, making possible the ambitious development goals it has set itself for the coming decades.

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