A Review of Child Injury Prevention in Viet Nam

A Review of Child Injury Prevention in Viet Nam
Name:A Review of Child Injury Prevention in Viet Nam

Executive Summary
Child injuries are an important public health issue worldwide. The unprecedented economic and social development in Viet Nam over the past two decades has contributed to the emergence of injury as a major cause of morbidity and mortality, particularly in children.

Child Injury in Viet Nam
In 2007 alone, 7,894 children and adolescents aged 0-19 died of injury. Leading causes of child injury-related death in Viet Nam include drowning, road traffic injury, poisoning, falling, burns and animal bites. Major causes of non-fatal childhood injury are falls, traffic accidents, animal bites, injury by sharp objects and burns. Similar to other low- and middle-income countries, risk factors of child injury include age, gender, hazardous environments, low socioeconomic status, which is often associated with a lack of awareness about injury risks and the lack of supervision of children, as well as limited access to safety devices and appropriate healthcare, particularly emergency and pre-hospital care. International evidence shows that all types of injuries in children are preventable. Intervention approaches based on a combination of education and training, legislation and enforcement, environmental modifications and promotion of safer products and safety devices are likely to succeed in reducing the burden of injury in children.

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